Darke Lane Studios is an expansion of my private project studio into a three room recording and mixing facility run out of my home. I am currently looking for a few individuals and/or bands to record their material at no cost to them so I can shake down the studio. I am looking for one of each of the following:

In all cases, you must have your own instruments, and bring your own accompaniment if you need it. I get my studio shaken down and the bugs worked out and you get some free recorded material of your work to do with as you please. I have plans to acquire a good digital piano, but it will be a little time before that happens, so pianists will need to bring in their own portable digital until further notice. (Hopefully this will not take very long to change.)

If interested, email me at Please be patient, as I am finishing up some construction.

Below is a list of projects I have done.

Drying In the Night: A narrated poem by Chet JSmith