Deus Ex: Mankind Divided: Subtitles

I have a gaming hobby. One of my favorite games is Deux Ex: Human Revolution. (The original game is great, too.) So, like a lot of gamers, I waited with bated breath for Mankind Divided. Overall, it was alright. Not as good as HR, but decent. Except where subtitles are concerned. Here, MK fell short, sometimes woefully so. Even though I have cochlear implants, they are not perfect. Shit, not even normal hearing is perfect most of the time. I found it annoying that NPC chatter was not subtitled. Which means if Jensen walks up to a security panel and starts hacking it and the player is deaf, the player won’t hear a passing cop warn Jensen to get away from the panel. Shooting commences.

Nowhere in the game is Eliza Cassan subtitled, which means the ENTIRE NEWS REPORT AT THE END IS NOT ACCESSIBLE TO DEAF GAMERS. Alright, you’ve gone too far, Eidos. So this is me, ripping you a new one with humor. I decided that since subtitles were not provided by Eidos for the news report at the end of the game, I would do that for them.

At this point, I need to make sure you understand that this protest is parody in form. This means that under no circumstances should you believe that any of the captions I added in the images below reflect in any way any of the people actually shown.

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