Old Stuff

It's a miracle any of this stuff survived the passage of time on cassette. The instruments I remember using are a D-20, an ESQ-1, an Emulator, and a Matrix-6. There were others - I just don't remember them. Most of these are from the early 90's.

Absolute Tranquility | MP3 | Ogg | FLAC

Absolute Tranquility, Molten Tin Mix | MP3 | Ogg | FLAC

Black Dress | MP3 | Ogg | FLAC

Climb | MP3 | Ogg | FLAC
Pretty sure the intro sound is a sampled blender.

Goofed Up Somewhere | MP3 | Ogg | FLAC
I let a bank of cartoon characters on an Emulator take over.

Homage to Weather Report | MP3 | Ogg | FLAC
An homage to Weather Report I recorded in my teens, probably 1988 or so, same instruments as Jazz Noodling below.

I Need To Know | MP3 | Ogg | FLAC

I Need To Know (remix) | MP3 | Ogg |

Inhibition | MP3 | Ogg | FLAC

Jazz Noodling | MP3 | Ogg | FLAC
This is from the late 80's, when as a kid I had a Technics electric piano, a Yamaha PS-40 and a Casio keyboard I cannot even find online any more. Gets a little silly at the end, but otherwise a nice piece for an untrained kid.

Jazz Noodling 2 | MP3 | Ogg | FLAC
More noodling, same as above.

Metropolis | MP3 | Ogg | FLAC
There's an original version done on only a Juno, a drum machine and a 4-track, but this one is better.

My Judas | MP3 | Ogg | FLAC

Spirella | MP3 | Ogg | FLAC

Tirade | MP3 | Ogg | FLAC

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